Science and pseudoscience

To some people, pseudoarchaeology may be highly appealing, promising the revelation of secrets and 'hidden' knowledge. The truth is also that much of the pseudoarchaeology is intensively exploited and promoted in the mass media and entertainment industry. Pseudoarchaeology, as all pseudosciences, can be many things and can appear in many forms. Still, there is one thing it can never achieve – the understanding of the past which stems from the critical and systematic reflection of methods and procedures used for obtaining new knowledge.

To engage visitors to more critical thinking, we have prepared a short quiz with 21 questions organized on 3 levels. Try it and learn something new along.

Where do wrong ideas of prehistoric life stem from? (Petra Grizelj and Paula Mesarić)

Archaeology is about adventures and treasures (Petra Grizelj and Paula Mesarić)

Palaeodiet rocks! (Petra Grizelj and Paula Mesarić)